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Small animal boarding at the Territory Veterinary Clinic is available with air conditioned and heated kennel so your pets are comfortable at all times. We have outdoor runs to assure your dog has his or her daily exercise. Cats are housed in a room separate from the dogs. We feed Science Diet brand food in the kennels but owners may bring their pet's own food if desired. If your pet is on long term medication these can be administered  while kenneled.


All dogs are required to be current on vaccinations for rabies, the distemper combination shot and kennel cough. All cats must be currently vaccinated for rabies and feline "distemper" (the upper respiratory viruses and panleukopenia, FVRCP). We require written proof of vaccination or a verbal authorization from your veterinarian that these shots have been administered..


All pets will be checked for skin parasites, such as fleas, before entering the kennel, if they have skin parasites they will be treated at the owner's expense and held in the isolation facility until they are safe to go in the kennels.


Services such as baths and leash walking are available for additional charges.


During holiday and vacation times the kennels fill up quickly so make your reservations as soon as possible. For reservations e-mail us at or call us at 815- 777- 0678. Please indicate the approximate size of your dog in pounds.