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Territory Veterinary Clinic schedules small animal appointments for preventative medicine (including vaccines and wellness exams), medical needs (injuries and illness), and surgeries throughout the weekdays and non- surgical appointments on Saturday mornings.


Small animal medicine diagnostic tools include a blood analyzer for on- site blood counts and vital organ analysis, a laboratory equipped to perform checks for various viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections and additional testing through IDEXX  Laboratories rapid response. X- ray, ultrasound and endoscopic exams complement our diagnostic capabilities.  


The small animal surgical suite is equipped with a gas anesthetic machine, an advanced surgical monitor to assess the patient's EKG, heart and respiration. blood pressure, body temperature and oxygen and carbon dioxide blood levels and an IV pump for patients requiring intravenous fluids. Dental cleanings are performed using an ultrasonic cleaner and polisher.


Our isolation room enables us to treat sick animals separate from the general pet population.


After hours emergencies are shared by Territory Veterinary Clinic and other local veterinarians. For emergency help call 815- 777- 0678 and you will be referred to the doctor on duty. For non- emergency appointments, prices or questions please call us at 815-777-0678 or e- mail us at